About Us

I/H/R Research Group was founded in 1976. Originally located in Orange County, California, I/H/R's telephone operations were moved to Las Vegas in 1989 in order to take advantage of the abundant skilled labor force in that market.

I/H/R Research Group provides high quality, cost-efficient telephone interviewing on either a direct or sub-contract basis to many of the nation's leading research buyers. Prices are competitive with no compromise in the quality of service or timeliness of project delivery.

We are one of the few CATI facilities founded and run by seasoned research professionals from the analysis side of the industry—people who know research design, data collection, sampling and analysis inside and out.

I/H/R Research Group maintains a continuous quest for new and better methods in CATI data collection. We were the first data collection company to develop a full series of facilities management software (CATIHelp), which continues to grow and improve. We are also one of the few data collection facilities willing to share ideas and procedures openly with other firms. We are pleased to have hosted supervisory personnel from many other CATI centers, allowing them to experience our hiring, training and day-to-day management procedures firsthand. We also host a semi-annual roundtable meeting with other data collection companies to exchange ideas, solutions

The partners of I/H/R also own and operate Scientific Telephone Samples (STS), one of the nation's leading RDD sampling suppliers, and Restaurant Research Associates, a large full-service research and consulting firm specializing in market research for the foodservice and hospitality industries.

I/H/R Management Staff

The company's senior partner is Ronald E. Clark. Prior to forming I/H/R, Mr. Clark was Senior Vice President with a large advertising agency in Southern California. He also served in marketing research and marketing positions in New York, Chicago, Detroit, and San Francisco.

The senior client account executive is Lynn Stalone. She has been with I/H/R for more than 20 years and is also a partner in the firm.

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